Welcome to Specialty Baking Co.

The Specialty Baking Company is a family owned and operated company based in San Jose , California. We pride ourselves in baking the finest fresh and frozen breads daily with an unparalleled focus on personal service and our customer's needs.

Founded in 1978

Two families with one vision and a heritage in bread baking formed The Specialty Baking Company in the summer of 1978. With one founding principle: become the West's favorite choice for high quality, contemporary and customized breads.

Contemporary & Customized Breads

Our specialty is baking contemporary breads. Whatever the market demands, by definition, is what contemporary is. And that's what we deliver. Ranging from baguettes to hearty sandwich rolls, foccaccia to sliced white bread. We bring you to the forefront of current food trends. Our bakery staff can also assist you in creating a customized bread by either commercializing your existing formula or working with you to create a signature bread of your very own.

The Specialty Brand

At Specialty, we stand behind our products and our process. All of our breads are hand inspected, made from the finest ingredients and always delivered right on time. Specialty Baking Co. is a family owned brand you can depend on.